5 Tips To Keep Passion Alive In Long Term Relationships

Keeping long-term relationships with your loved one, it may be all girls’ wishes, right?
Let’s learn the below 5 tips.

1. Cooking
Even you are not good at cooking, you are willing to spend effort and time to prepare lunch boxes or desserts (for example: mango pudding) for him. He must appreciate your sweet idea.

2. Playing game together
Don’t always complain your boyfriend spending too much time on playing computer games, it is better to play with him to get more common topics, for example, you two can play and catch <Pokémon> during weekend.

3. Always praise him
Not only being a good listener to him, but also praising him always. It can make him feel confident and improve your relationships, so please do not hesitate to show your appreciation!

4. Do not be over dependent
Being over dependent, your boyfriend may feel pressure. Better to spend some time on friends’ gathering or enjoy the time alone. Please give him some space.

5. Always be charming outlook
‘’I don’t like girls wearing makeup!” Did your boyfriend say something like that? However, he is always attracted by girls, who wears full makeup in the street? In fact, they just do not like heavy makeup such as thick eyeliners, false eyelashes, red lips and pale foundation. Therefore, having a nude and nature makeup is very essential for every woman.