Nude makeup is equal to just applying foundation and lipstick?

Nude makeup means completely makeup but it looks fresh and natural, also known as transparent makeup. The focus of nude makeup is the thin foundation, with only light touch-up for eyes, lips and face. Nude makeup makes your skin like a flawless skin; changes our impression to makeup from heavy to natural. Nude makeup is definitely the trend of beauty.

Thin foundation
Color selection is very important, it is better to try on the foundation under natural light to get the closer skin tone. If using BB Cream, CC Cream, BB Serum, you can put them on directly by hand. Just pump the appropriate amount on hand, allowing the body temperature warm the cream, and then slowly apply on face starting from the blemish areas and blend thoroughly on face.

A touch of eyebrow color
To have a fresh and natural nude makeup, eyebrow powder is recommended. Using the lighter color can have a natural eyebrow, followed with white eye shadow just under eyebrow, can have a sharper eye contour.

Bling and sharp eyes
For nude makeup, sharp and contrasted colour is not needed. To highlight the makeup, you just need to put on a light brown color as base, followed with dark brown color. After that, adding eyeliner to your bottom lash line should be done for special occasions only, as it will create a much darker/bolder look and appear a bit more unnatural than eyeliner on your top lash line only.

To have a bling and sharp eyes, it is recommended to apply darker color mascara on upper lashes, while lighter color mascara on lower lashes. If you want to omit this step, you can use some serum that can help the growth of eyelash to have natural thick eyelashes.

Natural blush
Blush on cheek can make you look more healthy, or cute , or the sunny looks .
Therefore, blush is a necessary step for nude makeup. You can use a pink blush with a large brush to apply on cheeks. The larger the brush, the more natural the nude makeup is.

Have a glistening lip gloss
Lip makeup is the most simple step, just choosing a glossy transparent or pink lip gloss , can create a moist bare makeup effects , and your nude makeup is perfectly done.