Top 4 After-Sun Skincare Tips Replenish and Repair your skin within 72hours after SUN BURNING!

Have your skin ever felt painful and be reddened after sun exposure, although having applied the sun protection products?

Over exposure to the sun may cause blood vessel dilatation and speed up the blood flow. Our skin starts to become painful and red. People who are severely sunburned may also have peeling in the burned areas and they may develop a fever or weakness.

These symptoms are usually generated within 72hours after sun exposure, we must replenish and repair the sunburnt skin ASAP!

Let’s follow our 4 after-sun skincare tips to solve the problems!

After 24 hours: Cooling & Soothing

When our skin gets hot and tender, the itching will occur and become more sensitive for a long time. The first thing to do is cooling and soothing within 24 hours!

We suggest using the Freezing Pore Sleeping Mask, with the help of sodium hyaluronate, vitamin B3, ferment extracts and multi-herbal extracts, it can maintain water-oil balance, as well as sooth the skin when using it overnight. It may also help rebuild collagen, improve skin elasticity and tighten pores.

After 48 hours: Moisturizing your skin

The over sun exposure which may also cause dehydration on our skin. Our skin will have a tightened feeling and a peeling symptom. Therefore, we should moisturize our skin after cooling and soothing. First, by using the Hydra Snail B5 Serum, it will provide the intensive and deep hydration to your skin. Then using the Hydra Bomb Essence Gel, its aquaxyl will improve your skin-moist barrier function.

After 72 hours: Diminish spots and whiten skin

You must not neglect that the sun exposure will also bring you the dark spots and tanned skin. Our favorite, Anti-Dark Spot Serum, can reduce tyrosinase activity and melanin synthesis as well as spots.

We suggest that you can first apply the 3 times of daily amount on face especially on the apples of your cheeks. Then apply the moisturizing mask which helps to sooth your skin and further strengthen the whitening effect.

To cover up a sunburn with makeup

People always put a full coverage or over-white foundation on their dry and dull skin after sun burning, they will looking like a clown in return. Besides, a heavy makeup means the higher chance of having the makeup all melt off in the heat, so people will exposure their skin to sunburn again.

Unlike the normal BB Cream or foundation, ZINO Customized Color-Tuning Cream can offers color toning to match skin color and help correct flaws by its exclusive “Micro Color Capsule Technology”. Also, it has a lighter and smoother texture so nothing will better than using the CC cream for makeup in summer

Some other tips

1. Avoid using peeling products since it will further damage on your epidermis.
2. Avoid using the moisturizing cream with a thick texture since it will further burden on your skin.